BREAKING NEWS: President Trump Crosses Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) region of North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un

One of the most militarized borders on
earth an historic handshake a u.s.
president a North Korean leader and an
extraordinary invitation and Donald
Trump didn't disappoint not just
stepping but positively striding into
history books the first sitting American
president to meet a leader in the north
the handshake on the other side
political capital for chairman Kim
ensuring both men had a win to show
their people as they boldly re crossed
the border to eliminate all the
unfortunate past and open a new future
this is my honor I didn't really expect
it we were in Japan for the g20 we came
over and I said and we got to meet and
stepping across that line was a great
honor a lot of progress has been made a
lot of friendships have been made and
this has been in particular a great
friendship so I just want to thank you
that was very quick notice that I want
to thank you and quick notice it was a
spur-of-the-moment meeting organized by
tweet after a failed summit and stalling
relations a relief no doubt for the
waiting South Korean president the
long-suffering political matchmaker in
this union and it seems he wasn't the
only one who was nervous if he didn't
show up
the press was going to make me look very
appreciated but we've developed a great
relationship I really think that if you
go back two and a half years and you
look at what was going on prior to my
becoming president it was a very very
bad situation a very dangerous situation
for South Korea and North Korea for the
world despite Donald Trump's claims the
danger hasn't passed North Korea hasn't
denuclearized sanctions continue to bite
and recent short-range missile tests
prove pyongyang is still building its
arsenal but ahead of an election mr.
Trump can't afford a repeat of Hanoi so
today a notoriously impatient president
was taking it slow we'd agreed that
we're each going to designate a team and
the team will try and work out some
details and again speed is not the
object we want to see if we can do a
really comprehensive good deal and
legitimized by a year of summitry Kim
jong-un has all the time in the world
whether we like it or not he's going to
be they love North Korea possibly for
decades to come in a sense we have to we
have accepted his regime in the way it
is even if we don't like it and I think
that's going to be a key question going
forward can we actually nudge him
towards becoming less repressive towards
his own people as Kim jong-un returns
home with an invite to the US and an
agreement to restart talks this is more
than a PR stunt but if the sides can't
agree on how to denuclearize the north
in the future these may be just another
set of pretty political pictures siobhan
Robin's Sky News