Syria condemns Israel for deadly missile attack!


over now to Syria where at least four
people including a baby have been killed
when dozens more injured in a missile
strike in that country's capital city of
according to Syrian state media the
attack was conducted by Israel targeting
military bases near two major Syrian
cities there at the Israeli army though
has yet to comment joining us to detail
all the latest
Arty's John huddy so John what more do
we know about about these strikes and
and are they a sign of possibly a
greater military escalation ahead well
it's a good question Manila and we're
getting some more information now about
the Israeli air strikes in which the
Israeli Air Force launched during the
overnight hours Sunday into Monday
morning local time there so that would
have been basically the early evening
here in the United States and what we're
hearing at this point is that Israeli
fighter jets launched missiles from
Lebanese airspace at military positions
in the central province of Homs and the
suburbs of Damascus including the town
of sanaya which is in southwest damascus
syrian state TV and also the
british-based Syrian Observatory for
Human Rights are both reporting that 16
people were killed including four
civilians and 21 others wounded and
there have also been reports that sadly
tragically a baby was among those who
were killed now we're seeing we've been
getting the various clips video
purportedly showing the airstrikes or at
least what's believed to be the Israeli
fighter jets launching missiles at
targets from out over the Mediterranean
Sea this by the way wouldn't be very
unusual Israel does fly into Lebanese
airspace to conduct airstrikes as we
have seen in the past on targets in
Syria and this isn't the first such
incident in recent weeks in fact Israel
has reportedly carried out several
airstrikes since May that we know of of
course including attacks again in
Damascus area the suburbs of Damascus
Homs and more than a thousand such air
strikes in the last few years according
to Israel's former army chief in a in a
recent interview in this latest flare-up
however Syria did fire back at the
Israeli Jets officials in the Turkish
control of northern part of the
of Cyprus reportedly located what is
said to be the wreckage of a
russian-made s200 missile that was fired
at the Jets but missed its target and
then landed on the island instead
whether or not this is a sign of
something bigger to come is unclear
maybe not at this point though this
latest incident was certainly broader in
size and scope than some of the previous
ones that I've mentioned but you know
the fact that russian-made weapon
systems are being used definitely raises
the stakes Manila well John has the
Israeli military commented about that
then the strikes carried out with
Russian s-300 missile systems used
against Israel before what about these
latest attacks
well the Israeli military hasn't come
and commented on this latest incident
that that's not surprising the IDF
usually doesn't though it has been more
vocal about strikes on Iranian targets
in Syria in recent months among the
sites that were hit in this latest
attack included an Iranian Revolutionary
Guard compound south of Damascus
Hezbollah facilities near the Syrian
Lebanese border and various other
weapons depots and an airbase that
serves Iranian and Hezbollah forces
Israel has launched attacks in the past
on convoy weapon convoys heading from
Syria to Hezbollah to Lebanon and a lot
of these attacks you know what the
bottom line is they don't even make
really that the top of the news in
Israel because they happen with such
frequency and and probably more than we
even know Israel says that it's redline
by the way is money and military forces
and Hezbollah operating in Syria so this
appears to be at this case or at this
point in operation - you know in regards
to something of that nature now as far
as the Russian missile defense systems
being used in Syria well the IDF
certainly isn't happy about that
this was part of the discussion in
Jerusalem last week during that
trilateral meeting between Russia and US
and Israeli officials well now Syria
also has the s-300 missile defense
system you mentioned that Manila though
it does not appear at this point it was
used against Israel in these latest
airstrikes it was the s200 instead
so it's unclear if that was strategic or
if they simply you know if the s-300
isn't ready for operation just yet or if
the Syrians even know how to operate it
or the Iranian you know militias that
are there or Revolutionary Guard if or
when they're used it could certainly
change the dynamic and particularly if
an Israeli fighter jets a is shot down
and that could spark certainly a wider
confrontation in the region and that's
definitely a major point of concern for
Israel for the United States for the
rest of the world for that matter
certainly in that elation we don't want
to see there as always appreciate your
report John how do you thank you you're